Thursday, 11 June 2015

Celebrity Perfume

Kind off topic it's not fashion but it's part of fashion. =)

I dont normally like celebrity perfume, but this Kim Kardashian perfume I just had to have one again!!

The first time I got to own this perfume was 2 years ago, it was when my friend gave me one as a gift (not a birthday or any occasion gift.), just because I am such a good friend. =) Yes I am an excellent friend but that is another story.


 The brilliant new scent opens with radiant citrus tones of sparkling Bergamot and crisp Grapefruit blended with a hint of spicy Pink Peppercorn creating a gleaming radiance upon introduction. The body revelas rich layers of lush Jasmine, precious Bulgarian Rose and vibrant Violet further enhancing the elegant aura that surrounds you.

The fragrance culminates with a luxurious mix of smooth Australian Sandalwood, creamy Benzoin and sensual musk wrapped around exquisite golden Amber resins creating a luminous, soft and addicitve effect that lingers on skin for hours.

Wait...hold up!! AUSTRALIAN Sandalwood???!! 

Ok well that makes sense why I liked this perfume so much lol..Aussie Pride all the way! lol 

On a serious note, this perfume smells sooo freaking good and for that price where I bought it from, I just had to get another one as a back up. I get so much compliments that I smell so nice and refreshing whenever I wear this, people tend to be so surprised when I tell them that it's a Kardashian perfume lol.

Normally in Major stores in Australia like Myers or David Jones this perfume would have probably cost over $50 or maybe more. 

Chemist warehouse is selling this Kim Kardashian Gold for only $29.99!!! 

Oh yeah that is a bargain, for us Aussies!!!. ;) 

Anything under $30 is cheap cheap for us. 

Chemist Warehouse has an online shop which you can purchase this beauty, although not sure if they do international shipping.

Check their online shop >>>>> CHEMIST WAREHOUSE

Happy Bargain Shopping. ;)

<3 Bargain Fashion Hunter

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