Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Slogan Tees!

What I noticed in most major boutique shops in Australia a simple cotton tee that has a cool slogan saying or a pretty cool picture print of Marilyn Monroe or the Beatles can cost from $39 to $59.95!😩

Don't get me wrong I'm sure they are all great qualities, but for someone who is always on a "budget" (aka me!🙋🏻) I need something a little cheaper.

Slogan Tees these days are quite versatile, you can wear them for almost any occasion with a hint of accessory here and there and BAM! You look like your one of the Kardashians who can pull off a simple slogan tees with skinny jeans or leatherette leggings or skirts.😌

😳 ok this is probably not the best pic of one of the Kardashian sisters wearing a simple tee! 

But let's be honest Tees are great for those times when you suddenly get invited out for dinner with friends or to a party and your really not in the mood for dressing up but you still want to look and feel like you made an effort to look good.

So if your like me always on a budget and love looking for great slogan tees without breaking your wallet. 

Head out to K-mart!!!😎

Honestly I was so surprised with the amount of varieties they had in store. Not only did they have the print I always wanted which was the Beatles walking on the cross road. I also happen to see the "Back to the future" slogan Tees and it's in one of my fave colour (for clothes) which is Grey.😁

How much does this cost? Well it only cost $12! 😌👌🏻 That's right 12 bucks and that's Australian dollar. Did I mention their sizes are generous for a tee (which is a plus!)! Ok normally in top I am a size 14 (Aus size) tho I can get up to size 16 due to the girls (aka boobs) and my other problem area which is the arms and tummy. I actually fitted perfectly in size 14 but for that extra extra room I wanted for my arms I chose the size 16.😁

I would have paired this baby with leatherette leggings (as it is cooler weather ATM in Australia) a flannel checkered cardigan around my waist and a simple strappy black heels or wedge for that more girly look. 😉

Visit your nearest Kmart and check out all their cool slogan tees as well as their comfy leggings and skinny stretchable jeans! 😁

I plan on going there tonight after work. The local Kmart where I live closes at 10pm during the week and on weekends they close at 6pm or a bit later. 

Happy Bargain Shopping!

<3 The Bargain Fashion Hunter!

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